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  1. Configuring Facebook App

  2. Configuring Flickr App

  3. Configuring Google App

  4. Configuring Instagram App

  5. Converting fonts for vector text effects (arc up/down)

  6. How can I enable complete text effects in LiveArt?

  7. How can I obtain PDF output of design?

  8. How do I setup PDF output in the order?

  9. How do I setup PDF output in the order?

  10. How to add color?

  11. How to add colors?

  12. How to add font?

  13. How to add font?

  14. How to add fonts?

  15. How to add gallery artwork?

  16. How to add gallery artwork?

  17. How to add graphic?

  18. How to add product?

  19. How to add product?

  20. How to add translations to LiveArt

  21. How to change working canvas size?

  22. How to configure min DPI if not using inches

  23. How to configure units switcher?

  24. How to create pre-made templates?

  25. How to enable DPI check of uploaded images?

  26. How to find order output files?

  27. How to prepare colorized artwork?

  28. How to prepare simple product?

  29. How to setup a product with editable area?

  30. How to setup a sign product?

  31. How to setup resizable product with custom shaped mask

  32. Imported artwork does not load in LiveArt.

  33. LiveArt HTML5 Product Designer v1.0.0 Migration Guide

  34. LiveArt HTML5 v1.0.0 (codename “Snap”) Release

  35. Magento: Set up fixed size product

  36. Magento: Set up resizable product

  37. Migration Text Effects to v0.10.25 Notes:

  38. Prepare multicolor product images

  39. Preparing fonts for LiveArt

  40. Preparing masks for resizable products

  41. Preparing SVG artwork for LiveArt HTML5

  42. Preparing Vector Fonts for Designer

  43. Social Networks Configuration

  44. What additional software does LiveArt require?

  45. What are hosting requirements for Magento integration?

  46. What are hosting requirements for WooCommerce integration?

  47. What is the process of adding LiveArt to my Shopify Store?

  48. Where can I change behaviour of alerts if I want them to be floating divs or else?

  49. Where do I get product templates?

  50. Where do I locate output files?

  51. Why my image is not uploading, design not saving etc?

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