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How to add fonts?

1. To start working with Fonts click on "Fonts" in "Liveart" tab.

2. To add new Font click on "Add new Font". 

3. Enter the title for new Font. 

4. Font Details
  • Enter font family(name of typeface that is used by this font). 

  • Enter System Name. 

  • Upload files for Normal, Bold, Italic, Bold&Italic styles. 

  • Enter ascent (should be indicated, as height in pixels for 32pt font size. This parameter is essential for calculating correct measurements in resizable products and size-sensitive price calculations. Normal values are 22-29). 

  • Set "yes" for "Bold Allowed" and "Italic Allowed", if "no", disables respective control. Usable if font does not have bold or italic typefaces. 

  • Upload vector file (vector representation of the font glyphs for vector text effects). 

5.Here you can see list of System Fonts. 

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