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How to add product?

1. To start adding new product choose "Add Product" in "Products" tab.

  • Enter name of the product 

2. Click on tab "Liveart" to open settings panel.

3. Choose or upload thumbnail:
  • Click on gray icon

  • Choose an image from Media Library or click on "upload file"

  • If "upload file" : drop file to window or select file from your computer.

  • Click on "Set Liveart image"  

4. Set checkbox.
  • To use product in liveart design set "use in liveart design" checkbox.
  • Set "resizable" checkbox, if the product dimensions can be changed by userApplicable to sign-based products.
  • To show ruler for product set "show ruler" checkbox.
  • To hide editable area border set "Hide Editable Area Border" checkbox, if not, the printable area border is not rendered.
  • To enable ability to add Names and Numbers for products like uniform, set "Enable name and numbers" checkbox. 

5. Product Printing Areas. Print Area is a synonym to Location, i.e. an area of a product, which will be presented to user as customizable. Example in case of t-shirt is Front or Back or Sleeve. You can define up to 6 areas if necessary.
  • Click on button "Add" to add product printing areas. 

  • Upload image (background image) and mask (the mask image, that will be applied to the product background image). 

  • Enter the name of the new print location as it would appear in designer

  • Enter Editable area (coordinates of top left (first two numbers) and bottom right points (last two). On design is rendered as rectangle) 

  • Enter Editable area width and Editable area Height (number of width and height of editable area in real-life units). For example, if you are using inch units and your printable area is A4-size, enter 8.27 and 11.69 respectively.

  • Enter Clip Rect (it is list of 2 coordinates for top left and bottom right corners of clipped area. It is very handy to copy these from editableArea if the design should be cropped at the sides of editableArea.) 

  • Enter Min/Max Range Width/Height for resizable product. The values should be in the real life units you are using.

6. Product Colors
  • Click "Add" to start adding product with new color. 

  • Upload images of product with different color and enter name and value of the color. 

7. Product Sizes
  • Click "Add" to enter size. 

  • Enter Size Name (e.g. XL) 
8. Colorizable Elements.(elements of the product that can be colorized, e.g. uniform or multiple panel products, please note that colorizable elements are applicable to SVG product images only.)
  • Enter name and id of element. Name would represent a name of colorizable element as it would appear in designer, e.g. "Left Sleeve";
Id should represent a style of an element in SVG template.

  • Add colors for colorize element. You can add multiple colors, which a colorizable element will be limited to. If you'd like to use complete list of imprint colors, leave this list empty.
  • Enter Name and value. The Value should represent HEX value of a color, e.g. #FF00DD;

  • Click on the button "Add" for add the color and button "Add" for add the colorizable element. 

9. Editable Area Sizes (defines preselected possible sizes for user, works only for resizable products)
  • Click on "Add". 

  • Enter name, width, and height. 

10. Printing Prices
  • Click on "Add" for settings. 

  • Enter "Number of Colors", "Quantity" (quantity of the size), "Price". 

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