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How to add graphic?

1. To start adding Graphic:
  • Choose "Designer" in the "Catalog" tab.

  • Click on the "Graphics" in the "Designer" tab. 

  • Click on "Add New Graphics". 

2. Enter the Name of the graphic.

3. Enter the description of the graphic (short description of the image, visible to the end user.)

4. Choose Category.

5. Upload Image and Thumbnail.

6. To add colorizable element click on the "Add New Row".
  • Enter Name and Id for the element (id should be like .bg.fill and should correspond class name from SVG).

  • To add Color for colorizable element click on the "Add New Row" in the Colors tab.

  • Enter Name and Value of the color.

7. Enter a number of the color (number of colors, present in the image. This will be used for correct get quote request if decoration price depends on number of colors)

8. Set Colorizable. (acceptable values: yes, no. This optional attribute tells designer whether the image can be colorized by user. Please note that this option works with SVG images only.)

9. Enter Price.

10. Enter position.

11. Click on the "Save Graphics" to save graphics.  

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