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How to setup a sign product?

In order to setup a fixed or resizable sign or similar product (decal, wall sign etc). Check the following settings of the product. If you setup LiveArt manually via products.json, just edit these options or make a copy out of sample sign products that are already setup. If you configure LiveArt from admin panel of your integration (Magento, CS Cart, WooCommerce), use respective fields of the product setup panel.
  1. Resizable should be checked/true;
  2. Show Ruler should be checked/true;
  3. Multicolor should be also true if you'd like user to select background color;
  4. Set Editable Area Units to the actual size you'd like to be default, e.g. 18 to 24 inches;
  5. Skip or empty the editable area boundary box settings (should be either zero or empty);
  6. Upload our standard_sign.svg template as the main product image (you can request it either from us or your integration vendor).
  7. Skip uploading overlay or mask images;
  8. Setup the single colorizable area to be Color with id .bg.fill and add the colors you'd like to be selectable for the background.
  9. Save the product and check result.
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Products applicable: LiveArt HTML5
Versions applicable: 0.9.6+

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