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How can I enable complete text effects in LiveArt?

Version available: 0.9.* - 0.10.24
Version 1.0.0 support: deprecated

The raster text effects of LiveArt HTML5 a beta feature allowing users to apply a number of effects on the text using the ImageMagick backend software. By default they are working in demo mode and only with default fonts, shipped with LiveArt.

In order to enable text effects on your server, the following prerequisites should be accomplished.
1. ImageMagick installed on your server;
2. Text Effect Imagemagick script is copied to the server and accessible (can be in the same folder as getText script). Please note that the usage of the texteffect script is limited to free usage only, so make sure you get respective permission from its owner.
3. All the fonts you'd like to use in your application should be installed on the server. The following article might be handy for Linux-based servers. Verify the correct installation of the fonts using the 'convert -list font' command.

Once the above is setup - update the main config.json with correct endpoint to your getTextZ.php script (placed in services folder by default).
Reload the designer and you should be able to see the text effects operating.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: LiveArt provides the foregoing scripts AS IS and holds no responsibility for any security breaches, misconfiguration, or damages caused by using the supplementary backend scripts. All backend scripts are provided as part of documentation only and not intended to be used on production sites out of the box. Use at own discretion and risk.

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