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Converting fonts for vector text effects (arc up/down)

From version 0.9.5, LiveArt HTML5 allows users to put the text in arc, while retaining the vector output of the SVG. In order to enable the vector arc effect for the font, each font should be converted and referenced in fonts.json configuration file (or added via admin area in case of integration version):
  1. Proceed to
  2. Upload the respective TTF, OTF or PFB files into respective typeface upload fields.
  3. Adjust glyphs selection as needed.
  4. On Customization tab, select Raphael icon, i.e. you should see "Raphael.registerFont" as method of loading fonts in JS APP.
  5. Check the "The EULAs of the font allows embedding" switch to ON.
  6. Leave the other options as they are.
Once converted, don't forget to upload the font near the LiveArt and insert reference as "vector" attribute in fonts.json. If you don't plan to use vector arc or specific font to support this effect, do not indicate the "vector" attribute.

For admin area powered integrations, upload the font into respective Vector File field.

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