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LiveArt HTML5 v1.0.0 (codename “Snap”) Release

Introducing LiveArt Product Designer 0.10.28 Successor — Snap

The current LiveArt HTML5 Product Designer LTS release (codename "Raphael") is going to its end of support to give the way for new one — "Snap".
We started its research in 2015, and in mid-2016 had a stable alpha of the new engine which showed us a great potential. That's the reason why the major version of 1.0.0 was reserved for Snap — the new LiveArt Product Designer LTS release features a completely new architecture and underlying engine.

Despite having the same look and feel at the moment, v.1 "Snap" has lots of benefits, some of which are listed below:
  1. A powerful new engine for improved overall stability; 
  2. Highly increased speed for all kinds of operations;
  3. Adaptive canvas for any size of the product, with guidelines and accurate snapping feature;
  4. Font rendering updates: native vector outlines output, rapid-fire performance for effects;
  5. Improved images processing: SVG multicolor images could be used out-of-the-box, with color areas set up in Adobe Illustrator/CorelDraw or any other vector editor;
  6. New engine (called "SignBuilder") for powerful yet easy setup of sign-based products;
  7. Preservation of the previous API version by 97% (see migration guide);
Current Features Roadmap:
  1. Update visual appearance and more flexible and skinnable UI
  2. More features for your product templates setup;
  3. New Font effects;
  4. Improved Sign Builder, including all kinds of strict templates;
  5. Uploaded images tuning (remove background color, crop, effects, etc.)
  6. Fantastic user-friendly control panel for administrating LiveArt properties;
LiveArt v.1.0.0 "Snap" supports all the features of LiveArt "Raphael", but some were temporarily disabled to keep overall stability.
Disabled features list (Feb 2018):
  1. Names/Numbers for teams
  2. Object pinch touch transformation (for tablets and smartphones)
  3. Pantone's palette;
Key Differences:
  1. By default,  LiveArt v.1 "Snap" use outlined fonts, which should be converted to Cufon format now;
  2. Multicolor SVG images setup is different and more customizable. The previous format is deprecated.
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