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What are hosting requirements for WooCommerce integration?

Please check the general WooCommerce requirements, unless you already have a WordPress/WooCommerce installation -

The additional recommendations are:
  1. VPS or VDS with at least 2 GB of RAM is preferable with either Ubuntu or CentOS 7.
  2. Installed latest ImageMagick and Inkscape applications. These are required to handle images and designs during the ordering process.
  3. PHPMyAdmin or similar DB management panel access.
  4. FTP (or sFTP) and SSH access for deployment and issues handling.
  5. Write access to /usr/share/fonts (or any other folder where system fonts could be saved). NOTE: this requirement is no longer actual if you are using designer of version 0.10.27 or later.
  6. Allow running PHP exec() command for image processing. If this poses a security recommendation, please provide us with details to develop alternatives.

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