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Migration Text Effects to v0.10.25 Notes:

Text Effects Integration changes:
  • 0.10.24 - removed raster text effects from default package
  • 0.10.25 - added new vector text effects in  default package 

Text Effects Migration options to 0.10.25 (from 0.10.23 or earlier), if you used raster text effects:
  1. Leave text effects list as is (raster text effects):
    1. no changes in main config file:
      1. content of config.textEffects.config remains the same
      2. keep actual link to service config.textEffects.url
  2. Use updated text effects list (vector only):
    1. replace config.textEffects.config content with new list (as in 0.10.25)  
    2. if you have designs created in previous version, you need keep service config.textEffects.url for editing previous designs
    3. text created with deprecated effects will be converted to none effects on edit; see sreencast for details 
  3. Use new text effects (vector only) with deprecated effects (raster):
    1. update config.textEffects.config with new effects (from 0.10.25); Note: avoid text effects duplicates  
    2. ensure to keep actual link to service config.textEffects.url

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