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Configuring Facebook App

Version applicable: 0.10.28+
Version 1.0.0 support: not supported  

1. Go to , click "My apps" and select "Add a new App" 

Fill the form and click "Create App ID"

3.Go to Settings and fIll in information about the APP and click "Save Changes" 

4. Add a Platform, fill site URL (a page on your website where designer is deployed) and click "Save Changes".

5. Go to "App Review" and click "Start a Submission"

6. Select "user_photos"  and click "Add 1 item"

7. Configure APP in liveart, so you would be able to use Facebook App only from account with the app.

8. Make a screencast where is shown how user will be using Facebook

9. Complete notes for "user_photo"
9.1 Click "notes"

9.2 Fill the form and click "Save"

10. Click "Submit For Review"

11. After Submission is complete, make your App Public

Proceed with Client ID setup according to Social Networks Configuration.

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