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Configuring Instagram App

Version applicable: 0.10.28+
Version 1.0.0 support: not supported  

1. Register as a developer

2. Describe what you want to do with the images from Instagram (e.g. use to create a custom product design)


3. Prepare Privacy Policy document.

4. Go to

5. Click "Register your Application" 

6. Click "Register a New Client"

7. Fill the form and click "Register"

8. Click "Manage" 

9. Go to "Permissions" and click "Start a submission"

10. Choose "My app allows people to log in with Instagram and share their own content.", fill the form click submit. (For making screencast you should configure Instagram App in Liveart and capture how it will be working. Note, you should use the account for Instagram which contains this app)

11. After submission, your App should have necessary permissions Approved

Proceed with Client ID setup according to Social Networks Configuration.

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