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Where can I change behaviour of alerts if I want them to be floating divs or else?

For adding new alerts container:

  1. Add respective code to HTML;
  2. Open assets/js/liveart-ui-components.js, find alertTargets and add a new target, where key - is an inner name of a container, value - jQuery selector of the container;
  3. Open LA.js and find alertContainers attribute, add a new property to the object: "Inner name of a new container": [list of keys which should be added to the container] and remove these keys from other containers;

Other logic: such as removing alerts on pop up close/open can be implemented in LA.js file directly.

Sample: "liveart-auth-and-save-dialog":

// clearing alerts container on modal open
jQuery('#liveart-auth-and-save-dialog').on('', function (e) {
     var alertsContainer = jQuery(this).find("#auth-and-save-alert-container");

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